Experience Ancient Healing with Tibetan Lama Fera by Dr. Deepak Subedi

What is Tibetan Lama Fera?

Tibetan Lama Fera is a unique and powerful healing modality that harnesses the healing energy of Lord Buddha. With the guidance of the Lama Master, this method dissolves negative energies and promotes holistic well-being. Join our online workshop and learn from Dr. Deepak Subedi technique to unlock the secrets of Tibetan Lama Fera.

a man sitting on a bed with a mountain in the background
a man sitting on a bed with a mountain in the background

Learn from the MASTER

Experience the Power of Tibetan Lama Fera

Specially designed for beginners, this course will teach you the Energy Healing Method and will also help you to become a Certified Lama Fera Practitioner. Learn Tibetan Lama Fera and heal yourself, family, friends, clients, pets & more!

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May 29, 2024

🔥 Benefits🔥

👉 The potency of the Secret Siddha Shabar mantra is beyond imagination.

👉 Removes any issues related to Black Magic, Entities and negative vibration.

👉 Balances vastu

👉 Heal, balance & clear the chakras.

👉 Excellent module to remove financial blockages.

👉 Removes hurdles in business growth.

👉 Increases spiritual wisdom.

👉 Releases past life karmic traumas.

👉 Activates the light body or Merkabah.

👉 Connects to Lord Buddha's energy.

👉 Heal youself and your surroundings

👉 Cure addictions.


⚡️Self protection technique.

⚡️ Powerful symbols to heal yourself and others

⚡️Secret Lama Fera Mantra to bind and remove any kind of negative energies & entities.

⚡️ Distant Attunement.
( This is very much possible, it entirely depends on the Siddhi & Prowess of the LAMA GURU.)

Basic Lama Fera Course Contains

Day 1: Introduction and Benefits
Day 2: Origin of Lama Fera
Day 3: Lama Fera kit & Buddhist Anapanasati Meditation
Day 4: Chakra and Meditation
Root , Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras
Day 5: Heart, Throat & Third Eye Chakras
Day 6: Crown Chakra & Discussion with Dr. Subedi
Day 7: Lama Fera Mantra & Symbol Initiation.
Day 8: Lama Fera Mantra & Symbol Initiation.
Day 9: Lama Fera Healing Symbol 1 and 2
Day 10: Lama Fera Healing Symbol 3 and 4
Day 11: Lama Fera Healing Symbol 5.
Day 12: Discussion with Dr. Subedi & Buddhist Metta Bhavana Meditation
Day 13: Discussion & Buddha Mantra Meditation
Day 14: Symbol Discusssion & Uses
Day 15: Tibetian Lama Fera Main Basic Initiation

"I have been doing the Lama fera meditations for around a year now. I would like you to tell you that it has transformed my life completely. Previously, my life was controlled by my day to day events. But now, these meditations have directed my mind to my higher spiritual goal. I feel healed, energized, and motivated. I don't feel any tiredness in my body. And look forward to getting more positive every day and doing more sadhana. My heart is welcoming and blossoming with love.

I even feel I can fight the power of black magic. I would recommend this meditation to everyone. Because life is to enjoy and be positive."

- Shilpa, West Bengal

"I have been doing Lama Fera Sadhana since October 2019.
Before doing Lama Fera, I was having rheumatoid arthritis and carrying allover pain in my body. My daughter always became sick due to tonsil infection, cold and caught, allergy all through the year. But by blessings of Guruji and almighty from last January she is not facing these problems. I don't know how could she got such strong immunity. I'm also now free from arthritis.

About energy, my flower pots are showing positive energy. I surprise to see my plants. In a small pot, 7 to 8 different plants are there and all are healthy. Lama Fera is not only a healing modality for me, it's an all-around program for spiritual ascension."

Ruman, Assam

I Searched for Dr. Deepak Subedi for Lama fera healing in April this year during lockdown across all social media platform. So found him on fb post, Ultimately was scheduled for July 1 Batch by the admin of the group. So any case, had two month in between start of LM course, so joined few free and paid courses to just not loose the track. But there was some confusion with the Admin, so missed the enrolment. And today I Confess the truth, delayed joining was conspiracy of Universe to give me the gift of other healing modules learning offered by Guruji. This is the 4th month of doing online meditation, and I thoroughly enjoy the journey. Now, even the perspective of seeing things around u have changed so much, it’s like everyday Coming closer to the Ultimate truth.

Sweta Singh, Joint Director (News) in NSD: AIR, New Delhi


See these video of our previous Workshop. LEARN MORE ABOUT Dr. Deepak Subedi AND IMPACT AROUND THE WORLD.

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